Sidecar Grill Table Plans for Large Green Egg

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This is a full plan set to build your own Kamado Smoker Table. This grill table plan set fits the Large Big Green Egg and includes detailed plans and instructions to help you get the job done right the first time! You will love how easy this is to build and the convenience of having plenty of storage right next to your smoker for your charcoal, smoking wood, and temperature monitoring gadgets. This table packs a tone of features for the small footprint it takes up.

  • 3D Plan Set and workflow to help you see the steps needed, in the correct order
  • 2D Plan Set to give you all the dimensions needed
  • Full Material Purchase List
  • Full cut-list for all pieces of lumber needed.

This plan set has a ton of detail and it will save you a lot of time . You will also receive my contact information in case you have a question about the plans. I have sold hundreds of grill table plans and have received awesome feedback from customers. You will not be disappointed!

The overall dimensions needed to fit this table are 33" x 63"